Chris Sorter | Founder

Chef, Certified Nutrition Coach PN L1, and NSCA Certified Personal Trainer located in Nashville, TN .

While spending many years in the throes of the kitchen, most notably, Rolf and Daughters, Nashville TN (Bon Appetit’s 3rd best new restaurant ), experimental dining experience pop up Dinner Lab, 30 cities nationwide (which landed recognition by the NY Times), and Butchertown Hall, Nashville TN. Chris found himself at near exhaustion with the work and lifestyle that is found in professional kitchens. Equally exhausting was trying to find the balance of taking care of himself through fitness or nutrition. That is where his pursuit of educating himself in personal wellness began.

He completed in depth training to become a Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition, as well as becoming a Certified Personal Trainer through NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and decide to share his skills and passion by launching United By Nutrition. His goal is simple: help others bridge the gap between healthy and tasty meals by making better food choices and teaching them proper movement techniques through strength training/conditioning.


The United by Nutrition difference:

  • Personal attention to your nutrition and fitness goal
  • Does not take a one – size fits all approach, carefully analysis ensures your plan is customized to you.
  • Accountability partner
  • User friendly dashboard to keep track of your goals and progress
  • Chef driven recipes tried and tested
  • Exclusive content – video how-to’s
  • Available virtually and in-person




Cooper | CEO and Lead Janitor

Cooper started from the bottom and worked his way up like all good rags to riches stories begin. Initially he was just a young pup running the streets looking for purpose and direction in his life. That is where he found Chris (or Chris found him at the pound, semantics really). Starting off he put in long hours in the kitchen, taste testing and cleaning up inevitable spills that happen from R and D sessions, only to work his way up to CEO and now the backbone of United By Nutrition.

For curious minds Cooper is a Staffordshire Terrier, Border Collie and Australian Shepard mix.