Getting fat from not eating enough – AKA Skinny Fat

You might think (as well as most everyone else) that restricting your calories and eating much less will help you lose weight, which isn’t wrong, But isn’t always right either. Weight loss doesn’t always work like you think. Practical thinking and basic math would tell us that if we subtract 3500 calories (equals 1 pound) from […]

Who needs Lara Bars!

There a bunch of snack bars out there, and some of them are great and simple, and relatively clean. But is it necessary to spend a bunch of money on them when you can make them yourself, and also know what is actually in them. There is always some form of added sugar or preservative […]

Does your protein look and taste beige?

You probably aren’t getting enough protein, mostly because it doesn’t taste good enough to eat, but you are in luck, I am about to make it easier, or at least tastier. Eating protein to most people is lean unseasoned chicken (or something equally un-flavorful) and is something you’re told that you need in order to […]

From Our Kitchen – Fish en Papillote

Fish seems to be one of the most intimidating things to cook if you ask the general masses. Since there are so many different types of fish, that come from different bodies of water and parts of the world, it seems like you need an encyclopedic knowledge of fish to not mess it up. I […]

From Our Kitchen – Zucchini Pizza

Do you ever find yourself with an ingredient that you have no idea what to do with it?. You might go to the store and pick up something cause its on sale or seems like you should try it out but then when you get it home, you just can’t think of what to do. […]