Spiralizing vegetables are a great way to create more variety, so you don’t get bored with the same cooking and prepping techniques. As well as offering a healthier option than your typical pasta noodles. After spiralizing you can prepare the noodles any way that you would like. You can steam, sauté, or roast them like you normally would. Blanching them like pasta noodles is also an option.

Unlike pasta noodles the vegetables will impart flavor that you want to take into account when creating a dish. Sweet potatoes will give you a sweeter noodle which means you might want to use a more savory sauce with them. White potatoes will be more neutral and turnips will have an extra bite to them.

Since the noodles are still vegetables, keep an eye on them during the cooking process if you are newer to working with them. Even though they are in the shape of noodles and can be used in place of traditional noodles. You will need to take into account the time necessary and desired texture for the best results.

I find that using vegetables as noodles allows me to build the flavors more than I would have been able to with just a plain noodle. Please try it out and hopefully this can become one of the tools you use when meal prepping, and preparing dishes.


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