So what makes United By Nutrition different?

Ever since I have entered this world of health, nutrition, fitness, and chefdom (I might of made that word up) I have found some great resources but many of them are incomplete. You have bloggers who can give you great pictures of food that might sway to try something healthier or new. Or you might find a site that will give you a recipe to a dish, what you might need is more than just words, but seeing someone actually show you what to do. You also might not need a whole complete dish but a vegetable or component to go with or complete something that you might already have prepared.

There are also a lot of great coaches and trainers out there but very few of them have experience or deep understanding of all the aspects of fitness, health, and nutrition. Someone may be able to tell you what to eat because it fits into your macro profile but they might not be able to tell you how to season it so that you will actually enjoy eating it. They might not even recognize that you have the ability to make healthy meals but you have trouble finding time or streamlining the process for true success. Everyone knows that they should eat healthy, and some of them might even know what they can or should eat, but if they are struggling with finding the time or knowing how to prepare them, then they might be missing the fundamental issues of establishing habits to make their chance for success far greater than it was before.

That’s where United By Nutrition is different.

Not only have do I have an understanding of what you need to reach your fitness goal, but I can also tell you what nutrition to match up with that goal. As well as tell you things you can eat, but also let you see how to make something that you actually enjoy eating, from an actual chef.

How do we do this you might be wondering? Instead of taking one piece of the puzzle and hoping that it works alone or hope that on your own you can figure out the other necessary parts, we cover all the bases for you. With a process that is complete and will actually get you where you want to go.

When you start working with United By Nutrition you will have access to a plethora of tools that will help you to stay on track and achieve success. First off we sign you into your own Pro Coach account, which offers daily tools, lessons, check ins, and accountability to help keep you on course. Integrated tracking shows progress charts to create something that actually shows you progress and what it looks like.

You will also receive full access to premium recipes and videos that haven’t been released as well as new ones as soon as they come out. One of my goals is to give you a video with every recipe, so you have nothing to stop you from creating awesome food that you will actually enjoy, in turn keeping yourself on track with your nutrition and actually enjoying the process. If you can’t cook food or don’t enjoy the food that you do cook, you can’t be expected to stick with it.

These features are coupled with personalized shopping lists, meal planning and coaching. I want you to feel like there is no guess work left, which will allow you to focus solely on yourself and reaching your goals.

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